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Caleb and Stacey fundraising for stray and homeless cats for money to contribute to Nueting and a safe healthy life.

I’ve signed up to take part in the RSPCA ACT’s Sleep Out For Strays event because I love animals.

I want to help the thousands of stray animals in the ACT, support the RSPCA ACT and learn all about the cats and dogs (and others) in our community who need our help.

I’ll be abandoning my own bed for one night during the April school holidays to sleep in solidarity with the animals that don’t have a safe place to sleep.

Don’t worry, I’ll sleep somewhere safe, like the couch or in a tent with friends and family.

I hope you’ll support me on my journey and show that you care about homeless and stray animals too.

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Helping our furry friends

Wednesday 24th Apr
Caleb has always had a soft spot for his furry friends and is always talking about how he wants to save all the animals.
But he has also helped to deliver a kitten whom was stuck in its embryo sack.
He helped peel it off of which I would never of thought he would.
And he soon enjoyed being with them as they grew he knew that we couldn't keep the kittens and was willing to help in anyway to spend as much time as possible with them and to this day still gets teary talking about them.